Old books

I always loved old books, even as a toddler, I remember my favourite kid books from when I was 3ish, the old ones, always the old ones.  

While repainting our family house in Brittany, we dug up a few forgotten ones. 

I like to listen

"I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.
Most people never listen." Hemingway 


(There is nothing cheesier than to start a blog post with a quote, i know, i have many flaws, my inability to blog properly is one. Sorry.)
But i do learn a great deal from listening, in a lot less deep way as Ernest implied but at least I'm trying! Thank you Podcasts.
Podcast is the new trending things, everyone talks about it, it’s everywhere. Mainly due to the success of Serial, for those who passed through the hype around it, here is everything you need to know about it explained by someone who is way better at explaining: "Serial: why is it so popular?", and let face it, it is addictive.
I've been using my podcast app to listen to french radio show from France Inter for years and i knew podcast existed but never really listen to any until Serial (and i have to thank Essie Button for that).
And what a magical world.
It is such a good feeling to have someone telling you a story, like your parents before bedtimes, excepte you can pretty much choose the time of the day. And you can get away with the regressive side of it with that fact that you can actually learn things!

Design wise, 
99% invisible is so freaking great. It deals with one topic for about 20 minutes and it considers design super wide and not as restrictive as most design related media do (no offence). I would recommend the episode about the Portland airport carpet, it does sums up pretty well how the podcast works. Roman Mars has an amazing voice, the kind of voice that kept me from googling him, because i didn't want to put a face on it, until his Ted talk (and no i wasn't disappointed).
Design Matters with Debbie Millman claims to be "the world’s first podcast about design and an inquiry into the broader world of creative culture through wide-ranging conversations with designers, writers, artists, curators, musicians, and other luminaries of contemporary though". When everyone can find an interest in 99% invisible, this one is clearly made to be listed by the design industry. I am a design freak so i get super exited about listening to incredible designer talking about what they do, so I love it.

Good podcast have the ability to make you listen to people talking about thing that you've never had any interest on. I completely don't care about business and companies and building one, but the brillant Start Up almost got me to drop everything and create a start up, and then i remember that i need a revolutionary idea for that. Talking about idea, this is podcastception, Alex Blumberg use that podcast to talk about creating the very same company that produce the podcast. Start with the first one.
Reply All is the second podcast produce by Alex Blumberg's company, it is kind of the internet version of 99% invisible. The format might seems strange sometimes, but the research work is amazingly done and the subjects are as diverse as they are fascinating.

And quickly, because this post is already way too long, This American Life isn't properly speaking a podcasts because it's a radio show, but except some people that lives in Chicago, listen to local radios and tune in at the write time, the humongous success of This American Life is due to the podcast. So, yes it is interesting even if you're not american, and no it doesn't particularly promote the American dream. On the contrary, it rases questions about the USA, big ones like citizen ship or immigration but also smaller ones like what super power would you choose. Each episode is separated in 3 parts, with a redline subject that can seems a bit blur sometimes. If i had to summed it up it would be: big subjects through actual people's lives.

You can also have a look at:
French radio show that talks about culture. It's cool.
Here is the thing
So, Alec Baldwin has a podcast and he happens to be a pretty good interviewer and being Alec Baldwin and all, he can get pretty huge guest (he won me with Tom York)
Who wouldn't love good embarrassing teenager memories out of secret journals?
If you loved Serial, this will help you wait until the new season.

And here is the brilliant Roman Mars staging a talk version of his show: